Bakersfield Republican Women, Federated

Bakersfield Republican Women, Federated (BRWF) is part of 2 larger grassroots organizations (California Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women) with aspirations to grow the Republican Party. We refuse to sit back and do nothing as voter registration numbers show declining participation in the party.

As an organization, BRWF has decided to reach out to the Hispanic community and build relationships that will be beneficial to everyone. We are seeking to start conversations that will allow the community to get to know us personally as Republican Women, and see for themselves if our values are in alignment with theirs. In this day of Social Media overpowering personal contact, we know that personal connections have gone by the wayside and BRWF seeks to bring people together and rally behind our conservative values. Our BRWF club president, a proud Republican Latina, sees this as an opportunity to start a conversation with members of our community to show them that Republicans support faith, family and community engagement.


Republicans hold tight to the ideal that we should have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Americans should have the freedom to observe their faith and the freedom of speech to express that faith to others. We also believe that the “right to choose” includes the right to choose life.


Republicans believe that strong families that depend on God and one another, advance the cause of liberty by lessening the need for government in their daily lives, and conversely, the loss of faith and family life leads to greater dependence upon government.

There is evidence of strong family ties in Bakersfield that are visible in everyday activities and community events that focus on families.  Families celebrate together, support one another and don’t necessarily look to government to solve every problem placed before them.   


Republicans see and value the diversity of our community! We welcome all individuals to become respectfully engaged in upholding a culture where people are allowed to express their beliefs with civility.  We want to work to strengthen the community by working together to establish a sense of belonging, unity, safety and acceptance.  We hope you will join us!


  • — Family
    "Republicans value family, economic opportunity that comes from hard work, and prefer self-reliance over government interference. These values alone make a strong argument for why a partnership with the Hispanic Community and the Republican Party can make California a better place for all."
    -Shannon Grove, State Senator

  • — Faith
    "Biblical principles form my conservative position; they are to love my neighbors, work hard, and help others."

    Naomi Martinez Cox,  BRWF Chaplain

  • — Faith
    "Faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country, the spirit of our founding and the soul of our nation."
    -President Trump, On signing the Religious Liberty Executive Order on May 4, 2017

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